Radiant flooring changed our lives!

I am happy to say that I replaced my cell iPhone last week. I had been using strictly flip-style cell iPhones for the past 22 years and never dreamed of getting anything different. Seeing smartphones unveiled 10 years ago had no effect on myself and others at all. It seemed a bit odd to pay for what was essentially a pocket-sized computer when I had a normal sized a single at home. There was always the factor of paying for mobile data to consider, which seemed even more foolish to myself and others at the time. But, as time went on, the increasing features provided from these iPhones started to break my drive and focus. My coworker was using the GPS feature a single day when I took a glance at his phone screen. I was can’t believe that I saw a full satellite image of our city, and even more amazed when I saw him zoom in on certain areas and apply data attributes to the map. Live traffic feeds were even available. When I finally was able to get my hands on a phone, it was a life increasing experience. I got lost out in the backwoods one summer day and had no idea how to get back to the road where I parked my car. Within ten minutes, my iPhone’s GPS feature determined my location and I found a suitable route back to civilization. The switch from fan-forced to radiant heat was almost as life increasing as the miniature computer that I now carry with myself and others in my pocket. Since my climate is so cold, my ability to get through through the Wintertide is absolutely dependent on having indoor heat of some kind. When dealing with ductwork in a fan-forced system, so much heat is lost as it travels through cold ventilation in a similarly cold and uninsulated attic space. With radiant heated flooring, the heat is moved around by raising from the floor and enveloping the air in the house as it makes its climb towards the ceiling. Now my house is warmer and my energy bills for keeping it this warm are half of what they typically would be.


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