A concert outdoors and the saving grace of air conditioning

A month ago, I paid a little over a hundred dollars for an upcoming concert.

My favorite band has been hopping all over the map, but they have yet to come to my city, until last month.

When I heard they were finally coming to my town, I squealed with joy and ran around screaming and calling to my entire family. They thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care. Finally, the day had come, I was up bright and early and had my foot crushing the gas the entire time of driving. Upon arriving, I realized that it was an outdoor concert, which was fine, but it had no air conditioning. Although I was disappointed about the lack of a cooling system, my hopes were brought up again by seeing the lead singer walk onto stage and wave to the crowd of cheering fans. The concert was about to start! Hopping with joy, I eagerly awaited. It was just as wonderful as I thought, the music was clear and loud. Halfway through, I noticed sweat soaking the band’s clothes. I felt bad for them, it must be rough without an air conditioning system, especially with all the bright lights. Suddenly, it began to pour. The concert had to be moved indoors, and there was a wonderful cooling breeze inside. The band members were clearly relieved. There was also a HVAC technician nearby to make sure the AC stays up. Thankful that the concert was not cancelled I enjoyed the rest of it thoroughly, when it was finished, I made sure to buy the next round of tickets in a nearby town. As well as I took the HVAC business’s card, in case I need air conditioning or furnace service anytime soon.

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You watch a HVAC technician work on an AC unit

Although not practical, you can’t help but prod a bit

You briefly scan over your list of things to buy while at the supermarket. Everything seems to be in place. Gathering a few items, you head towards your car and then towards the direction of the store. As soon as you step foot inside you are blasted with hot air. Obviously, their air conditioning must be down. You quickly head down the aisles, grabbing the necessary items and then turning towards the checkout line. Halfway there, you notice a man kneeling down and messing with something, with what appears to be AC equipment at his side. Curious, you creep closer. Upon getting closer, he is definitely working on the internal parts of something. You ask what is he is working on, and he says the expansion valve inside this cooling system. You’re not sure what that is, but it doesn’t look easy. A bit fascinated, you watch a little longer, but not wanting to disturb the HVAC technician, you go to leave, but the man says he is okay with you watching. So, you ask about the air conditioning unit and you learn that there are five main parts of the AC. The refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, expansion valve and evaporator coil. You talk to the man about other life related things, and he suddenly seems saddened. Although not practical, you can’t help but prod a bit. He spills that he found out his wife is cheating on him and he doesn’t know how to bring it up yet. You widen your eyes in surprise, your daytime job for the past ten years has been couple counseling and you give this man your business card. You thank him for his knowledge of the air conditioning and hope to see him soon.

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My roommate breaks our air conditioner

I jiggled the keys in my tiny apartment door and entered.

The place was a mess as always, old food containers on the floor and clothes scattered about.

I am not really a super clean and neat person, but this is just ridiculous. Staring at the piles disdainfully, I start gathering clothes and putting them in the hamper. I then noticed our air conditioning is barely breathing. Putting my hand against the vents, instead of feeling a cooling breeze I felt a few puffs of air. Just then, my roommate walked in. “Hey! Put my stuff down!” I carelessly drop her clothes in a pile and ask “When did our cooling system stop working efficiently?” she waltzed on over and leaned close to it. “Oh, that’s easy, you just give it a good kick and it’ll start again” before you can stop her, she does a full karate kick to the air conditioning unit in her six-inch heels. It flatlines. “No, you idiot! Look what you’ve done! Do you know how expensive it’s going to be to fix this?” I stare at her frustrated “Whatever, I will call an HVAC dude tomorrow” Now with a big dent in its side, I cringe at thinking of the cost. Of course, she forgot to call the HVAC business, so I called them. The lady was really nice and fixed it for us, although the price was not pretty, as I figured. She found an old soda can and multiple other pieces of trash in the poor AC, and said it was the worst she seen in a long time. That’s it. She fixed it while I was pondering new roommates, and my now ex roommate will be getting the bill.

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Why hybrid cooling and heating systems are better than others

Each house has their own requirements to staying warm and cool.

Different types of houses need different types of furnaces and air conditioning. For example, a smaller house could use a window AC due to it only being able to keep small spaces cool. A larger house might want to use a central air conditioning, due to its ability to cool large spaces rather well. But how do you know what cooling system is good for your home? I believe the best option is a hybrid air conditioner, due to its many benefits. A hybrid system, otherwise known as a dual fuel system, is known for helping you lower your utility bills. A hybrid system can however cost more, but they can help you save a ton of money in the long run. These systems can help you save up to fifty percent in energy costs, they usually pay for themselves in three to five years. This is why I like hybrid systems, because they may cost more at first, but it is worth the investment. Another bonus to a hybrid conditioning system is that it could potentially enable you to receive a tax credit, depending on the local area. You can ask a HVAC provider about the possible benefits that your area provides. The only downfall to having a hybrid cooling or heating system is that it needs regular maintenance, to keep it functioning well, frequent furnace or air conditioning service is a must. Even with frequent servicing a hybrid system will save you money, which is why I personally chose this as my heating and cooling system for my house.

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My vacation gone wrong

Recently I went on a cruise.

I am a history enthusiast and I was excited to see the famous historic sites at one of the excursions.

I had been saving up for this cruise for months, the idea of cruising the deep blue sea made me want to jump with excitement. It started out simple and sweet, I showed my cruise ticket to security and made it through with ease. My room was even bigger and better than I expected, this vacation was going to be perfect, or so I thought. Quickly I noticed something was astray. It was…usually hot. It felt as if there was no air conditioning at all. I stood up on my bed and put my hand in front of the vent. Nothing. There was no cooling air coming out! I grabbed the ship’s telephone and called the cruise staff. Turns out that their air conditioner randomly stopped working and there are no HVAC technicians on board. Well this is just perfect, instead of visiting an island, I might as well have visited a desert! Looking out at my vast sea view, I was almost tempted to take a head first dive into the refreshing blue water. Instead, I went down to see what activities I could do while I was aboard. A day later, I arrived at my destination. I happily hopped off the zero-cooling system ship. The historical monuments were incredible, and the food was amazing. Which is why I dreaded hopping back onto that might-as-well-be-a-furnace ship. Climbing aboard, I noticed a drastic change, it wasn’t scorching hot in there anymore! Turns out there was an HVAC business nearby. Thank god. While my cruise experience wasn’t the best, the historical sites were worth it.

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Finding the right furnace for your home

When it comes to buying a house, there are a lot of important things to consider.

  • Price, property size or if it’s a good neighborhood.

Something you may not think of is your furnace. You should look at what could be your future furnace. There have been horror stories of people buying a home and not checking, and then realizing too late that their house either has no heating system or one that is badly neglected. You don’t want to move into your nice new house only to discover your heating system doesn’t work. One of the most essential things you can do is learn about the different types of heaters. There are three types, gas, oil and electric. The most common heating unit is a gas-powered furnace. Natural gas furnaces work by igniting in the burner which in turn warms up the air. A natural gas furnace is one of the cheaper methods of heating. Oil furnaces are used if you do not have gas, these are commonly used in colder climates. Oil furnaces are not as efficient as a natural gas furnace, but they are cheaper to maintain and cheaper for furnace service and heater repair. Last is the electric furnace, they use electricity to run. These are smaller and can fit into many places, although they can be more expensive since they run on electricity. If the above do not interest you, there is one more. A modulating furnace, these heating systems cost more, but it has one major benefit. While most furnaces are off 4-6 degrees, a modulating furnace only has a ½ margin of error. Now that you know a bit about different furnace types, you can choose what heating system is perfect for your home.

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Important things to consider for keeping your AC in good condition

In life, most people are busy. Whether it be worrying about jobs, the next bills to pay, or taking care of children, there is always something that needs to be done. Because of this, people often forget that some things require frequent maintenance. Common things such as cell phones, television and appliances are often not forgotten about, due to their importance. But you know what is commonly forgotten about and is as equally important? Your heating and cooling system. People often forget about their furnaces and air conditioners due to convenience they give. They only notice when something is amiss, and that is when they realize their importance. Another common reason is because people have the false notion that their AC and heater do not need to have annual checkups. That is wrong, it is recommended that you should have your heating and cooling units checked out at least yearly. Although it never hurts to have air conditioner service or heater service more than once. If you would prefer to save money, you could also clean certain parts of your machine yourself. You can first check your AC fan, a common problem as to why it may stop working is too much dirt and debris. Cleaning all the dirt and debris out will help extend your air conditioning’s lifespan, and will prevent it from overworking. Another common reason is like the fan, your cooling system’s drain can become clogged. This is especially important, because if the pan gets full, then the water can back up and damage your system. As well as the water can leak to your walls, ceiling and furniture, and that will cause much more damage then keeping your AC and furnace in check.

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My childhood air conditioner

My childhood air conditioner was funky thing.

  • I didn’t know it then, but it was a window air conditioner.

Back then, I just thought it looked like one huge box, clinging onto the window for dear life. I always imagined it had miniature hands underneath it, clinging onto the window beneath it. This is why I actually avoided going to close to it, because if it was angry it might let go of the window and fall on me! Yeah, my logic was weird back then. Anyhow, when I became older I purchased a newly built house. I had to choose what cooling system I would like for my new house. There were many options to choose from, although since my house is smaller, that eliminated my options down to a few. I could go with the old reliable, the window air conditioning, or I could go with one of the newest options out there, but it is fairly expensive. As well I am sure that getting a HVAC technician to come for air conditioning service would also be quite costly. I decided to go with my old faithful, my window air conditioner. The HVAC provider came quickly and with his AC equipment, installed my new window air conditioning system. Leaning closer, I suddenly had a flashback to when I was staring fascinated at the big box puffing a cooling breeze, young and curious I was then. Older and wiser I am now. Now that I am done taking a path down memory lane, it’s time for me to enjoy the present, which means going to another favorite spot I had as a child, the beach.


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A New HVAC technician

I had been working at my new job for about a week now.

Already, my coworkers are judging me and well, no one seemed to like me.

Oh well, I’m not there to make friends. I went into the HVAC business because of my mother. She was the master of fixing things, anything that could be fixed, she could fix it, with or without a manual. She was better than my dad, and my dad being humble man, didn’t mind. I remember watching with fascination as she fixed an air conditioning unit. She took it apart and fixed it with ease, replacing parts when needed and making it good as new. While I was away at college, my mom died of cancer and that’s when I knew I wanted to fix things just like she did. That’s how I ended up here. Arriving at the shiny HVAC business building, I came in for another day’s work. A new call rang, about a regular customer’s cooling system breaking again. I see my coworkers in the corner of my eye, elbow each other and decide to give this job to me, smirking the entire time. Fine, whatever. When I arrive, I now see why they handed this job off to me. A drunken man answered the door only wearing boxers and reeking of alcohol, he slurred and pointed in a vague direction. I eventually found the AC unit and started fixing it. There was an old slice of pizza glued to the top of the air conditioner and I managed to peel it off with disgust. When I was done, the air conditioning system was like new. I arrived back at my work place and my coworkers gave me a mutual nod. They may not like me, but at least they respect me.


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Waiting for my furnace to be fixed

It was a bit past midnight, and it is hard for me to sleep.

I tossed and turned endlessly under my paper-thin covers.

It is in the middle of winter, and my furnace decided to break, leaving me in nothing but a cold, lonely house. My husband was away in the military, so I am all alone. I decided to get up and have a snack. As I prepared my snack, I looked over with a bit of envy at my lizard, who was currently resting under his heat lamp. “Must be nice to have your own mini heater” I mumbled and stroked the lizards head. He was warm, and I briefly thought about how a heating lamp would work for a full-grown human. Probably not well. Besides, my lizard looked pretty happy, I wouldn’t want to take away his mini furnace. I head back towards my room and remind myself mentally to call for heater service in the morning. When dawn came, I got up nice and early. Stopping to take a look at my furnace myself, it looked complicated, “How do those HVAC technicians fix these?” I wondered aloud. Furnace service was probably easy for them however, and a pang of sadness rang through my heart as I remembered my husband could fix things with ease. I called an HVAC business and they sent a heating and cooling person out. He arrived early and worked on the heater repair. It didn’t take long, and eventually it was back up and running. I sighed with relief and thanked the technician. Although I was happy that my heating system is fixed, I just wished I wasn’t alone. Then my phone rang, and it was my husband! He’s coming home early!
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