Being a writer or an HVAC contractor?

I just wanted to make enough cash to work on the side as an author.

I am an artist. I love painting, drawing and making crafts. I am also a fan of writing. I always wrote stories, poetry and tall tales when I was a kid. I always figured I would be an author or at least a blogger as an adult. I found online a scholarship to the local community school, that involved writing an essay. I knew I would get into the school based on my writing. I wrote the essay as a challenge to myself. I wanted it to be creative and fun. I did the job well done because I ended up winning a full 2 year scholarship to the school. I didn’t know if I still just wanted to write for a living. Maybe I would ruin my passion doing it for a living. So on a whim I decided to sign up for Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C classes. I had done some research plus found that Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractors can finish school in less than 2 years. Since they are actually much in demand now, I thought about it. Even a rookie Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technician can start off making entirely great money. I just wanted to make enough cash to work on the side as an author. If I ever got big, I would bail on my HVAC contractor job. For now though, I really do enjoy the heating and cooling work. It makes sense to me and is easy work. I also can use this skill later in life with my own HVAC equipment.
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HEPA filter to reduce dust in the home

If you want your beach house to be clean, you need to start with a few basics. I don’t mean basics about cleaning though. I have to clean homes from time to time and it doesn’t matter how neat of a woman you are. We as people shed skin cells, drip perspiration, leave smells plus crumbs all over the place. There is always little bits of dirt and debris in the house. So cleaning up after yourself is not the best thing to do. If you have great ventilation, and a better than average air filter, you will find cleaning to be less of a chore. Everyone hates dust bunnies. If you get a HEPA filter, this is less likely to happen. You would have to turn off the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan plus then wait for a few weeks before you would see the first clump of dust on your floor. Here is the thing, dust is viewed as not harmful. They are just pieces of fluff to be swept up. Also the dust is mainly shed skin cells, which is something an air filter will gather in the cleaning process. Get a better air filter for your beach house HVAC device. Do not cheap out and get a basic one because then the home will be much dustier than it should. Also if you want to protect the home more, think about an air purifier. This will remove those gross smells and icky feeling in the air quality. The air purifier will work in tandem with the HEPA filter.

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Not everyone is cut out for college

Going to college is a big deal now.

It seems like everyone is pursuing higher education.

What about the blue collar work like technicians, handymen and plumbers? Where are the people who are good with their hands? Not everyone is set for college life and abel to afford it. Not everyone is smart enough and talented enough too. Not every person can be a doctor, lawyer or scientist. Sometimes you have to do what you are capable of, not what you want. I knew I was not meant to be a doctor. I decided to be a nurse instead. I worked at the local hospital for just about six weeks. In that time I saw some things that changed my life. I started working there in the summer, plus the medical facility was so old it didn’t have any air conditioning at all. In the doctor’s offices they had window AC units mounted. In the general rooms for patients, they had no temperature control at all. This made the hospital a pretty moist site. It was constantly warm, humid, with poor air quality. This is eventually changed what I wanted to do in life. I decided to leave my nursing job to be a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technician. I was meant for working with my hands rather than the medical field. I am more talented with handling AC machines than I ever was with the patients. It is such a good fit for me. I think schools should focus more on making sure kids get in the field they are best at.

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The barn AC just cut out

When I was a young girl, there was no such thing as gender reveal parties. There were baby showers, but it seems like nowadays there are tons of parties for a big event. There are numerous baby related parties and I get stuck going to them all. I am so happy that my husband didn’t want to do something dumb like this. It is just absurd. At the same time, I could not say no to my granddaughter. She wanted to host a gender reveal celebration at our farm. I was not happy about this since I had to clean up our barn and get tables to set up for it. Also, it was an incredibly warm afternoon the day of the party. All the extra heat inside the barn and due to the many people caused too much strain on the cooling system plus it stopped working. My granddaughter was quite upset, because that AC was the only thing keeping her from dripping sweat. I calmed her down, then went out to the storage shed plus fetched the old box-style cooling system device. There was a time when our house didn’t have a central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan in it. I had to use a window mounted one while it was hot. Once I go the box AC set up, I realized why I upgraded. It hardly cooled the large barn at all. It was a mess of a party. My granddaughter should have just thrown in the towel at this point.


The barn AC just cut out

She wanted a woman AC technician

I own a big rental complex.

  • I have four units that I rent out and have been fortunate enough to have good renters.

They are all clean, nice and pay on time. My favorite renter is probably Sarah. She is a widow, living out her retirement in the complex. She loves telling me the latest gossip plus colorful stories. I know that she is alone now. So I make it my mission to talk to her a couple of times a week, maybe more if my job allows it. I have been working over 50 hours a week lately, plus it’s killing me. Sarah was telling me about how earlier in the week she had been having problems with her cooling system. She had called me and I sent over a handyman to check out the AC unit. She said the man made her uncomfortable. She just didn’t like having a stranger in her rental unit, looking at all her stuff. She wanted a woman to repair the AC machine. This was going to be a problem, I knew it. I then had to call the many HVAC providers in town and ask if anyone had a woman on staff. Apparently HVAC is a very male dominated world. I had a lot of difficulty finding a woman that would make Sarah comfortable. At long last I did manage to snag one. I also had to work around her schedule. So my renter had to wait weeks rather than a day to get her AC back up and running.


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The cabin did not have any a/c

My papa built a little cabin on the shore of the island when he was a young man.

Even though it was seasoned plus weathered, it had survived decades worth of storm seasons.

The cabin was roomy plus able to stand tall. Every Summer as a boy, my family used to pack up and go to the cabin for a couple of weeks. I always enjoyed it when we left. Spending all afternoon lounging in the waves, or digging in the wet sand never got old for me. The cabin is still there, as sturdy as it can ever be. Last summer I decided to take my family there. It was the first time I realized the cabin didn’t have any air cooling. This made total sense, seeing as how old it was it didn’t even have air ducts or any kind of ventilation system. The cabin was just a bare-bones situation. When I was young I was so busy having fun I never thought about the lack of temperature control in the place. As an adult, I really do notice it. My teenagers did too and they really threw a fit that there wasn’t any AC in the cabin. I bought a window AC unit in town for the kids. I felt bad that the unit hide the view of the blue ocean and the white sands. I also yelled at my kids for thinking that staying inside in AC was better than enjoying the beach. I want them to enjoy the beauty of the place like I did.


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HVAC repair used to be what is important

I never was prepared to have kids.

After I met the woman of my dreams and she wanted to have kids, I went for it.

I got two little boys out of the deal. It has been a stressful mess, but we are still going. They have constantly been great boys, plus now they are growing up plus they still need a father. I was ecstatic to support the boys plus do what I could for them, even though I was working hard at my local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation who didn’t have a lot to offer in terms of moral support. I didn’t know how to relate to my sons at first, all I knew was heating plus cooling devices. But I was lucky. This was more than enough to afford the bills plus keep them fed and clothed, but gradually I started to realize that Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C wasn’t enough for myself and others any longer. Having a relationship with these amazing men was more important. So I became less focused on the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C work, which troubled me at first. Being arm deep in a broken furnace is not the place you want to be distracted, you know? I know I need to figure out a good life and work balance. Maybe work a few less hours for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation each week. Up until now heating plus cooling systems have been my whole life, that has to change though.
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Becoming a HVAC tech at a young age

Being the single father of two girls has never been simple.

I would venture a guess that it should have been a whole lot harder, but I was lucky that I got two incredibly smart plus capable girls who only made our life easier.

My oldest is just like her mom. She runs the household like her mother used to, plus is a constant source of help for me, but her little sibling however, is a chip off the seasoned block. Running my own independent Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C outfit is tough work, plus requires peculiar hours. My younger daughter is constantly down to ride along. She started reading the ins and outs of heating systems plus cooling systems before she learned how to read. I do mean all of it too. She was interested in air ducts at such a young age. Now that they are older, my older girl is kicking butt in school and still running the house plus my little girl has become our assistant Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech… Of course she is too young to actually work for me, nor does she have her proper Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C license. I would bet money that she is more skilled than most adult contractors I know. As soon as she turns 18 I’m giving her a paying job for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier, plus when she turns 20 she will get her certification plus be a professional, just like her old man did at the time.


Working on the jail a/c

This latest contractor job I picked up was at the county jail.

  • And as you might know, the place is seriously old.

It is on the historic monuments registry, right alongside town board area, plus is one of the first buildings in the whole area. I knew that working in a jail with walls this old was going to supply us with some difficult challenges. With that in mind, I wanted to ask for a ton of money, plus the town paid it without an issue. So now, I am in it until the bitter end. Initially the jail was built without any ventilation system, nor any heater of any kind. That was taken care of some years afterwards, plus air duct was added along with rudimentary heating equipment. The stadium didn’t get any air cooling until the 68s, after there was a lawsuit from the ACLU about cruel plus unrespected punishment. They fought that making prisoner stand in such incredibly overheated areas with no a/c was a form of torture. They put in the air cooling device, but in doing so they caused a little structural damage, at which point numerous prisoners left. This is way more history plus backstory than any AC service job all of us have ever taken before, which is truly kind of neat, and no one was happy about working in the air vents of an older jail. At the end of the day, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company is not about fun, it’s about making money, plus this contract pays loads of it.

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Upping the odds with good air quality

My obsession with clean air began when I was actually young.

I remember it so vividly, it is really my first real memory of life.

That was how pressing it was. I was in the medical facility, visiting my grandfather who was actually ill. I didn’t know what it was at that point, I was too young to understand what the illness was. I just knew my grandfather was sick plus this was the last time I would see him. I remember the ventilator machines they were keeping him on, keeping him breathing. When I found out later that smoking plus exhausting air had hurt his lungs, I became obsessed with clean air vents, plus later on, this lead myself and others to the world of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech. As an adult I understand that ideal ventilation is not enough to get rid of a disease, but as a kid I thought if the technology was advanced enough, it would work. Also, there are so many more facets at play than just air quality. I know this, even though I still worry over making the best kind of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment. I see it similar to this, I know that air quality plus Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device isn’t all it takes to ward off sickness, but it can help so much! When you get a shot, it doesn’t ward off sickness 100%, it just better protects your odds. That is what I know about Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C, plus how it can regulate air quality.


Hybrid heating