Ductless mini split system for the dog house

When we adopted our lab-mix, Stella, she was already at least 2 years old.

We wanted her to be an indoor dog but Stella had other plans. She was never really comfortable inside. She much preferred to live and sleep outside. Even when it is very hot or cold outside, Stella refuses to come in the house. Don’t get me wrong, Stella loves us and sees us as her family, she just wants to remain an outside dog. After a lot of attempts to change this, we decided to just accept this. However, I worry about making the dog comfortable in her dog house. My husband is just as concerned. Together we found something that might help. There is this thing called a ductless mini split system. It provides both hot and cold air. The main compartments goes outside of the house and then a hose runs into the house and attaches to a dissipater. It is not cheap. After all, the ductless mini split is made to heat or cool an entire room, or even a house. We just want it for the dog house but I think it will work really well if we get the smallest ductless mini split that we can find. It can also be hooked up to a thermostat so we don’t have to worry about making the dog house too hot or too cold. Of course, we would have our usual HVAC company hook it all up right for Stella. I just hope she appreciates all of the thought we are putting into keeping her comfortable.


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