Being a Personal Trainer is Lucrative

I go to the gym quite a lot.

  • I prefer to work out, plus I am a personal trainer.

I meet with my patrons at the gym. I only schedule appointments on certain days out of the week. I never work on weekends. The rest of the week, I will schedule personal fitness appointments anytime a client can come. I don’t mind meeting early in the morning or in the middle of the evening. As a personal trainer, I prefer to be helpful with my schedule. I have many corporation moguls that meet with me on Monday mornings. They are the only appointment that I try to make on Mondays. I meet them at their private spa. It’s a high-priced gym in the basement of the building. I meet with the big spenders at the same time plus teach them mixed martial arts. The guys have never told me they are siblings, but I think they must be brothers. They look just alike plus spend a lot of time together. I don’t either one is married, because they never talk about their wives. These patrons have been with me for ages. I currently have 17 patrons that pay me to be their personal trainer. I would prefer to add a few more appointments to the calendar each week, before I think about hiring another personal trainer. Two of my friends would prefer to work with me as personal training consultants, however I’m just not sure I’m ready. I prefer working by myself plus I don’t want to be stuck finally working numerous days each week.


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