He Likes to “Fix” Our HVAC Equipment Himself:

Despite what everyone tells him, my husband likes to think of himself as a handyman.

He’s great at hanging things around the house, lifting heavy items, and getting the lid off tight things for me, but I wouldn’t consider him handy with anything else around the house.

It’s not for a lack of effort though! When we first got married, I let him “fix” whatever he wanted, and was confident in him. However, I quickly realized that his best efforts just weren’t enough. In fact, they made things a lot worse in most situations. It was heartbreaking, having to sit him down and tell him that he just wasn’t very handy, but that it was okay because we could always hire professionals to fix whatever needed repaired around our house. My husband was slightly offended, so now he just fixes things on his own without telling me. Last week, he noticed that our AC wasn’t running efficiently when he got the utility bill in the mail. When he saw how much more expensive it was that month, he started paying attention to our AC settings. Neither of us had changed any settings on the thermostat, but our AC system was having a hard time keeping our house cool and comfortable. He took things into his own hands and “fixed” it himself. I knew he’d done something seriously wrong when our AC wouldn’t even turn on the following day. When I confronted him about it, he told me he hired an HVAC technician to come fix it, and that’s when I knew he’d tried to fix it himself.

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