Zone control is necessary when working from home

A couple of years ago, I arranged my job so I can handle all of my responsibilities online.

This allows me to work entirely from home. I just love it. I am now able to work my own hours rather than getting up to an alarm and fighting rush hour traffic. I am far more productive while wearing sweatpants, sipping coffee from my favorite mug and listening to music. I’m no longer interrupted by coworkers. I realized, however, that I needed to make some changes to the setup of my home. I created a dedicated workspace in a guest bedroom. I purchased a suitable desk and comfortable chair. My biggest problem was heating and cooling. When I used to head to the office, my house was empty all day long. I’d adjust the thermostat to conserve energy and minimize heating and cooling bills. Now that I was home all day, I was relying more heavily on the furnace and air conditioner. I was paying enormous utility bills to heat and cool the entire house to the perfect temperature. Since I occupy a single room, this was a huge waste of money. I hired an HVAC contractor to update the system to zone control. This project wasn’t nearly as expensive or disruptive as I expected. The HVAC contractor installed a series of valves in the ductwork which regulate airflow. These valves link to thermostats mounted in each of the rooms. Through wifi connectivity, I have access to these thermostats through my smartphone. I can target heating and cooling to individual rooms without impacting the rest of the house. I don’t need to leave my desk to make adjustments.

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