Adding attic insulation to reduce demands on heating and cooling system

I am very conscientious about the maintenance of my air conditioner and furnace.

  • I’ve enrolled in a service agreement with a local HVAC company.

They send a licensed technician to the house in the fall to clean and adjust the heating system. The technician returns in the spring to handle the necessary upkeep of the air conditioner. The investment pays for itself in lower energy bills, fewer repairs and extended system lifespan. Because I live in the northeastern part of the country, the cost of heating and cooling is a significant drain on the budget. I’m always interested in any opportunity to minimize my carbon footprint. When the HVAC contractor was inspecting the furnace, he mentioned that heat was escaping through the attic because of a lack of insulation. Over the years moisture and rodents had compromised the insulation and it most definitely needed to be replaced. I decided to save money by taking on this job myself. It wasn’t difficult but it was time-consuming, messy and dirty. Removing the old insulation was disgusting. Although the job was awful, the rewards were significant. I immediately noticed an improvement in the comfort of my home. There was less difference in temperature between the upstairs and the downstairs. The furnace no longer ran for as long of cycles and my monthly energy bills were about ten percent less. Because the furnace isn’t working as hard, there’s less issues caused by wear and tear. According to what I’ve read, proper levels of insulation also helps with indoor air quality and provide a vapor barrier. It protects against moisture, mold growth and wood rot.


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