Teaching at a New School in a New Country with No A/C

In most other countries, air conditioning is not considered a necessity.

For some reason, the country in which we live believes that access to a functioning air conditioning system is a necessity. My friend Erin recently went to another country to be a teacher. She has grown up in the south where air conditioning is in every home and building. The hot, humid conditions in the south can make one believe that there is no other way to live than under the vents of an ice cold air conditioning system. When Erin received the assignment of the country she would be teaching in, she was thrilled! Other than the distance from home and the uncertinaily of what to expect, she had no complaints of this assignment. She was eager to start her new life in a new country. She would be living away from her friends and family for 9 months. In order to adjust to this change, she was considering leaving a few weeks early to get to her new home. When she arrived, she noticed the hot humid air and it reminded her of home. When she got to her new house, she was not pleased to find out that the home did not have an air conditioner. After several sleepless nights, she was able to get a fan for her house. Life without an air conditioner was turning out to be difficult for Erin.



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