I spilt coffee all over my heater

I love coffee so much! I do not understand how people can live without coffee.

I think that if I tried to go without coffee, I would be a super grumpy person.

I usually have about five cups of coffee per day. I know that is a lot, but I have actually cut down quite a bit. I used to drink eight to ten cups per day, but my doctor advised me to cut down a bit. I know that I should probably cut down a bit more, but I am going to take my time cutting down. I made a pot of coffee yesterday, and I ended up dumping it all over my portable heater. It not only made a huge mess, but it scared me to death because it was a propane heater with actual flames. When the coffee hit it, it sort of exploded. Not the propane heater itself, but the flames and coffee pot. I was so scared. I almost passed out. I am super afraid to try to turn on my heater now. I am afraid that something will happen when I try to turn it back on. One of my good friends offered to come over and turn it on for me. He said that he knew how to clean it as well which would be a huge help since I am pretty sure that there is coffee in every single inch of that poor propane heater. He is going to come over tonight, so I just have to make it through the day without my propane heater. It is quite chilly in my apartment, so it is going to be a long day.
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