I pay half the price for a/c filters after switching to a maintenance contract

As an asthmatic, the struggles are wide reaching.

When I was young, I wanted nothing more than to play in team sports.

I was on a soccer team at eight years old when I began to realize I wasn’t like the other kids. Keeping my breath, let alone keeping up with my feet on the field, was a battle. Eventually, after a few years of embarrassment and scorn, I gave up my love of sports and was only subjected to more disappointment whenever I was forced in P.E. classes in middle school and high school. Now that I am an adult, I am bombarded with environmental triggers in nearly every location, climate, and region I find myself in. Pollen, dust, mold, and other air borne microbes have a tendency to aggravate my lungs and cause my sinuses and respiratory tract to swell. I take antihistamines from dawn until dusk, and I use a rescue inhaler along with a nasal spray every day as well. Recently, I started changing my air conditioner filters more frequently. While before I would wait every three months, now I was doing it every three weeks. These filters can add up, even if you manage to find the one you prefer in bulk. In my situation, I found a local HVAC supplier that includes heavily discounted filters if you buy a year-long maintenance contract. Not only are the filters mere pennies, but they also install them for you and handle service appointments every quarter. The cost is large up front, but the savings each week are massive. I can swap out filters as often as I like without concerning myself with how much the cost is eating into my available income. It’s also nice to know I will have regular inspections scheduled without having to call in advance.

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