I love my new humidifier

My mom buys the goofiest gifts for people sometimes.

I have just learned to accept it.

I am always thoroughly surprised by what she gets me for Christmas. I do not think that I could ever guess what she will get me. It is way too random to be able to guess. Last year, she bought me a foot massager, and that was probably my favorite thing that she has ever gotten me. It was super nice. I still use it about three times per week. It does a really good job. My guess is that she paid quite a bit of money for it. This year, she bought me something even more hilarious. I opened up the gift, and it was a giant box of crackers. I was so confused, but my mom told me to just open the box. Inside the box was a humidifier. I was so confused. Why on earth she put a humidifier in a giant cracker box, I have no idea. My mom is so funny, and I truly do not understand the way that she thinks. I actually love my humidifier though. I had been wanting one for a couple of months, so she must have heard me mention that. I have trouble with really dry skin, and my doctor suggested me using a humidifier to try and help with it. I have been using since Christmas, and it has honestly made quite a difference in my skin. I am really glad that she got me a humidifier even if it was really strange that she put it in a giant cracker box.


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