HVAC Technician Goes To Wrong House For Repair

Last week, my neighbors had a strange interaction with an HVAC repairman that they were not expecting.

Apparently, a family one street over had called the local HVAC repair company to take a look at their HVAC system. The HVAC technician that was called to the job ended up on the wrong street and knocked on my neighbor’s door. When they heard the knock, they were very concerned. The couple that lives next to me is an elderly couple with no family in the area. We rarely saw them come out of the house. When their kids would visit from out of town was the only time they would come outside. When they opened the door to the unexpected visitor, they were confused. The HVAC technician explained that he was there to take a look at their air conditioner. With little hesitation, the couple let the man inside and let him to the AC closet. After looking around at the unit, the HVAC technician did not see anything wrong with the air conditioner. He asked the couple to describe the problems they were having, and they did not say anything. The HVAC technician was thinking that they were just elderly and forgetful, so he called his boss to clarify the issue reported. Bewildered, he rechecked the address and realized that he was at the wrong house! He apologized to the couple and explained the confusion. He quickly left the house and headed to the correct address. It was a great story to tell the clients that had been waiting for his arrival.


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