How athletes use HVAC units to their advantage

Though I believe that everyone should exercise and try their hardest at every sport they are involved in, there is no doubt that professional athletes are built in a different way than normal people.

I also know that professional athletes know a few tricks to make sure that they are getting the most out of their workout. One of the tricks that professional athletes take advantage of is knowing how to use your HVAC units properly. From the gym to your home, knowing how to take advantage of your furnace and air conditioner will make you a better athlete. First of all, while you are at home, it is easy to set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and leave it there. Our ideal temperature is 68-72 degrees, and most of us use our furnace or air conditioner to keep us at that temperature. However, the human body actually does better if our air conditioners keep us a little warm or a little chilly. Our HVAC units can help to speed up our metabolisms if we are slightly uncomfortable with the temperature, and this can help keep off the extra pounds. When you are working out, your heating system is going to be your best friend. I know that the air conditioner seems like a relief when you are sweating and working hard, but forcing your body to warm up with the heating system will make you sweat faster. However, the perfect athlete can work in any environment, which means there might be a time where your air conditioner is turned on to the coldest setting. Use your HVAC units to make you stronger, not to make you comfortable.
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