Smart thermostat makes life easier

My husband and I both have very demanding jobs and often work long and odd hours.

  • We have four sons who are heavily involved in hockey.

They have practices at the rink throughout the week, games on weekends, and frequently play in tournaments across the northern part of the country. We also have two dogs and a cat to take care of. Our lives are so busy that it’s difficult to keep up with everything. I struggle to find time to get groceries or do the laundry. We finally hired a yard service to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. We found a cleaning lady to vacuum, dust and scrub the bathrooms. We also invested in a smart thermostat to make temperature control a whole lot easier. Before the smart thermostat, we were relying on a manual dial. We needed to remember to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house. We typically forgot and then paid to maintain an empty house at the perfect temperature. We sometimes headed off to a tournament for the entire weekend and left the furnace blasting. If we remembered to adjust the thermostat, we then came back to either a freezing cold or overheated house. We always neglected to replace air filters until we noticed a problem with the furnace or air conditioner. The smart thermostat has solved all of these issues. It automatically adjusts to accommodate our schedule. Through a feature called geofencing the thermostat keeps track of the location of our smartphones. We conserve energy when the house is empty yet return to perfect comfort. Plus, the thermostat reminds us when it’s time to take care of regular maintenance. We get alerts if there’s a severe temperature fluctuation in the home or a problem with the furnace or air conditioner.