HVAC Unit on Side of the Road- Hazard to Drivers

Driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in our day to day life.

Almost everyone has to drive at some point in their lives.

Recently as I was making my daily commute to work, I noticed a large piece of machinery on the side of the highway. I did not think much of it and continued on with my drive. The next day, the object was still there. I started to wonder what it was. On my way home, there was a bad accident backing up traffic on the opposite side of the highway. I read on the news that there had been a bad accident involving an HVAC system on the side of the road! There was an investigation and the police went to the HVAC company that was listed on the back of the unit. According to the manager at the HVAC company, someone had stolen one of the air conditioning companies work vehicles and ditched all of the equipment inside. There happened to be an old HVAC unit in the van from a replacement an HVAC technician did earlier that week. The HVAC company was not held accountable for the accident. They were able to find the person who stole the work van and arrested him on the spot. It was a bad day for the theft, the driver who hit it, and that old HVAC unit on the side of the road!

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